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The object of the game is to turn as much of the board gold as possible by placing rows and columns of similar tiles on the grid.

How To Play

The game begins with a free tile in the center that looks like this: freebie tile. Any tile of any type can be placed next to a freebie tile.

With the exception of the freebie tile, all tiles must be placed horizontally or vertically next to a similar tile. Similar tiles will be those of like color or like symbol. For example:

This is a valid placement: red dotred diagonal

As is this: red dotblue dot

This is not: red dotblue diagonal

Valid placements will highlight when you move your mouse over them. If you can't play a tile, you can discard it by hitting the d key. Discarding a tile comes with a point reduction penalty of one point for the first discard, two for the second and three thereafter. The penalty is reset to one after you play a tile.

You may also play "clear" tiles:clear tile and "freebie" tiles: freebie tile

You are allotted three of each. Press the "C" key on your keyboard to change the current tile to a clearing tile, and press the "F" key to change it to a freebie.

The clear tile must be played on an existing tile and will clear the tile it is played on. The freebie tile can be played anywhere you like.

When you have created a row or column of tiles, those tiles will be removed from the game board and the grids they occupied will be turned gold.


Completing a Game

The game ends when there are no more unoccupied gray tiles. Your score will be adjusted at the end of the game as follows:

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