Returns a collection of objects with attribute values matching attrValue. An optional second argument allows you to query only specific attributes.


String attrValue
The value of the attribute to check for.
optional String attrName
An optional argument that specifies what attribute to check.


nObjects = so_getElementsByAttributeValue("toc","class");


To get a collection of all objects with a class of "toc": so_getElementsByAttributeValue("toc","class");

To get a collection of all objects with any attribute with a value of "foo": so_getElementsByAttributeValue("foo");


function so_getElementsByAttributeValue(attrValue) {
	var all = document.getElementsByTagName("*");
	var elem = new Array()
	var i=0;
	while(all[i]) {
		if(arguments[1]) {
			attrName = arguments[1];
			if(all[i].hasAttribute) {
				if(all[i].hasAttribute(attrName)) if(all[i].getAttribute(attrName) == attrValue) elem[elem.length] = all[i];
			} else {
				if(all[i].tagName != "!") {
					for(j=0;j<all[i].attributes.length;j++) {
						attr = all[i].attributes[j];
						if(attr.value) if( == attrName.toLowerCase() && attr.value == attrValue) elem[elem.length] = all[i];
		} else {
			for(j=0;j<all[i].attributes.length;j++) 	if(all[i].tagName != "!") if(all[i].attributes[j].value == attrValue) elem[elem.length] = all[i];	
	return elem;


This code is issued under a Creative Commons license. You do not need my permission to use it, though I'm always interested in seeing where my code has ended up if you want to drop me a line.

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