Javascript Function Parser
Paste your javascript source in the textarea below and press the "parse" button. Once the script is parsed, a list of all its functions, their arguments and their possible returns will appear below the textarea. Click on the function name to see the source code for that particular function.
Known Issues:
+ The script parses the strings based on an initial "split" on the word "func" - if this appears anywhere in your script other than in the word "function", you'll see an extra function in the list. "func" is used to ensure that code appearing before the first function is not parsed.
+ Returns are based on the existence of "return " in the string, and its return value is determined by the placement of a semi-colon indicating a line end. If you are not a fan of ending your statements with semi-colons, returns will not be parsed correctly.

Javascript Function Parser v1.0
last revision: 01.07.2003