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about slayeroffice

Self Portrait.

Hi! I'm Steve. Welcome to my site/blog/webernet place.

This is where I house all of my various experiments with javascript, the DOM and all other things web related. Have a look at all the stuff down the column over there. Everything from tools to games and a ton of useless eye candy widgets can be found, and all of them are free. All I ask is that if you use any of it on your site that you give credit where its due by leaving any code comments you find in tact and linking back to slayeroffice if you are so inclined.

Outside of the site, I am a Software Engineer at AOL (yeah yeah...hate them if you want, but its a great place to work), married with two children and live in Northern Virginia outside of Washington, D.C.

I'm an avid gamer on consoles of all types and the PC, enjoy drawing (The above portrait is me, drawn by me) when I have the time and am inclined, I'm a big gadget/technology freak, and my cat is named Javascript.