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Color Sampler

  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Last Revision: 07.18.99
  • Language: VB6
  • Requires: Windows9x/NT/ XP, MSVBVM60.dll
  • Download Size: 460k

Color Sampler Screen Shot

I wrote this several years ago for a shareware company i was affiliated with, but they ended up going defunct before it was ever released. So, now its freeware!

This app allows you to sample colors from your screen and gives them to you in hexidecimal as well as RGB format. It features one-click copy to the clipboard, and using the function keys you can append several commonly used color attributes to the color value (ie, background-color:#000000). It also has an HTML color log, which can be opened by the application in a browser and shows the hex value of the color, in that color.

Update: The download for this app no longer points to WinSite. I had forgotten I had put it there back when bandwidth for the site was tight. Thanks to Coolstop for reminding me.