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Back in the good 'ol days when the guys I work with and I used to go to happy hours once or twice a week, I drunkenly came up with a toast that went something like this -- "do beer plus plus while sober", though usually with more slurring. It often occured to me that that slogan would make a pretty cool T-Shirt, and now, years later, I've finally gotten around to it.

If you like this stuff, check out what's being offered at beer++;!

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T-Shirt:do { Beer++; } while(sober);$15.99 USD
Jersey: beer++;$20.99 USD
Raglan w/ slayeroffice logo$20.99 USD
Hoodie w/ slayeroffice logo$26.99 USD
Ash Gray T-Shirt w/ slayeroffice logo$15.99 USD
Long sleeve tshirt w/ slayeroffice logo$20.99 USD
Hooded sweatshirt with the slayeroffice logo$27.99 USD